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2019-20 Science Blog

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  • Welcome to the new school year.  We are excited to have this year's focus be on Physical Science.  For many of us, our experience in Middle School science was text based with the occasional demonstration lab conducted by our teacher.  It wasn't until high school that we really got to experience a lab-based curriculum. The old model of Middle School Science has really changed over the past decade, with high quality middle school programs looking more like what used to only take place at the secondary level. My goal is that this blog will give parents and guardians a bit more insight into what's happening in each of the units we'll explore in Physical Science this year as well as a better understanding of my thought process as my instruction unfolds. I'll do my best to update this blog regularly and hope that you'll check it each week during the school year. Up next...celebrating Dimitri Mendeleev and 150 years of the Periodic Table.
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