2023-24 Science Journal Rubric

Grade Level – Middle School   Subject: Science


Learning Goal: Students will be able to keep an accurate and complete science journal.


Score 4.0 – Student’s journal meets all 3.5 criteria and includes high quality personal reflection on the learning targets and material presented/experienced during class.No major errors regarding 4.0 content
Score 3.5 – Student’s journal meets all 3.0 criteria and includes sketches, drawings and/or tables that enhances the information presented during class.No major errors regarding 3.5 content
Score 3.0 – Student’s journal meets the following requirements: Contains a Table of Contents, an index of vocabulary, pages are numbered consecutively, learning targets are included in daily entries, notes contain basic information and entries are generally legible.No major errors regarding 3.0 content
Score 2.0 – Student’s journal meets some but not all of the requirements of a 3.0 journalNo major errors regarding 2.0 content
Score 1.0 – With help, partial success at score 2.0

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